Saturday, 9 January 2010

Karl Who?

Karl Lagerfeld has participated in V Magazine's fabulous, and much talked about, size issue by shooting plus size model Miss Dirty Martini. This has come to be much of a surprise to me, as this is a man who notoriously stated that no one wants to see curvy models and that those who complain about the Size Zero epidemic are merely 'fat mummies sat in front of the television with their chip packets'. Insanely ridiculous I know. But it seems as though he has truly eaten his words as I was completely taken aback by just how amazing his shoot turned out to be. The model looks amazing and the styling is spectacular. All in all very true to form of Mr. Lagerfeld.


So could this be a turning point for Karl Lagerfeld? A lesson learned perhaps? For all we know plus sized models could soon be strutting their stuff on the runway for Chanel, proving once and for all that bony hips and giraffe like legs are not a pre-requisite for looking stylish and fabulous.

More images from the shoot are available here.


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  3. we definitely need to see more of this!


  4. I was definitely thinking of making more posts like this, so much more interesting than endless photos! Thanks for the feedback :) xxx