Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Shipping Forecast


Ahoy there! Brand new 'Alehouse and Eatery' The Shipping Forecast has officially landed on the shores of Liverpool. Already it is a huge hit, despite only opening up last week. I myself have been a few times now (including a visit for The Maccabees DJ Set which was simply amazing) and I am completely in love with the place and cannot stop raving about it to everyone I meet! The home-made chips in particular are alone worth the visit, plus check out my amazing Mojito!


I decided to interview Amy, a resident staff of The Shipping Forecast, to find out more:

- Now that The Shipping Forecast has officially landed in Liverpool, how would you describe it's first week?

Well I'd describe it as busy to f*** in all honesty haha, especially it's first weekend. There were a few kinks obviously but an all round successful opening week! A lot of people are talking about us!


- The food menu looks stellar! What delicacies should we go for?

Oooh so much choice, in our training we were made (and I say 'made' as at one point I could not eat any more) to taste everything on this season's menu. My favorite is the lamb burger that comes with marytime double cut chips! You will leave with your pants unbuttoned but wanting more!


- I've heard that The Shipping Forecast has been set up by the same people who have organised the infamous hipster hangout Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds, how does it compare? Does it have the same vibe?

This is indeed true, 580limited run Leeds Nation of Shopkeepers and a lot of other bars throughout the UK. As I used to live in Leeds I made an appearance there every now and then; the difference between the two is something to pick up on. I feel here in the Liverpool bar, the staff are a lot friendlier and have a sense of it's all about the personality. Banter at The Shipping Forecast is definitely encouraged!

- What type of music can we expect to be played? Any resident DJ's or monthly specials?

The music is modern but with a twist. Our in-house DJ's play the best in Electro, Indie, Dub-Step and the occasional Reggae. Every Thursday we have Clever Club play in the basement.


- There seems to be a lot of Vice logos splashed about The Shipping Forecast (sorry about the 'Sea' pun), what's the link between the two?

Both The Shipping Forecast and Vice have a passion for uniqueness and services you can't find anywhere else. Vice has Terry Richardson and we have our homemade food and unique beverages from all around the world.

- And are there any special events we can look forward to in the near future?

This bank holiday Sunday we are honored with a Giles Peterson FIVE hour set, which is going to definitely put The Shipping Forecast on the map, even more after The Maccabees spinning some tracks in house last Saturday. June 5th sees a free, yes that's right free, performance from New Young Pony Club, which I am so excited for!

You can check out Amy's blog here.

The Shipping Forecast is open Sunday to Thursday (11am - Midnight) and Friday to Saturday (11am - 3am) and can be found on 15 Slater Street, Liverpool. Well worth a visit!

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Love Is In The Hair

Stunning Vogue Italia Editorial.


Images via

All Aboard!

I'm not even sure how I wandered across the Chevrolet Spark Unscheduled Tour website but before I knew it my Blackberry was flashing it's little red light with the news that I had won two tickets to see The Mystery Jets play live on the Mersey Ferry. This was to be a very exclusive event with only 200 guests permitted (only 50 or so turned up in the end) and a free bar was available for all competition winners....downside being that the free drinks only included neon coloured alcopops and the band was over an hour late!


I have loved The Mystery Jets for so long now, I even remember watching the original video release for 'You Can't Fool Me Dennis' on MTV2 way back when. So it was quite a nostalgic moment for me to be able to hear some of the favourite songs of my youth being played in such an intimate setting. The Mystery Jets also played many songs from their promising new album 'Luminescence' which I really can't wait to get my hands on.


All in all it was an amazing night and the unusual setting of the gig against the passing Liverpool scenery created a really distinct atmosphere. The combination of free alcohol and unruly waves may not have been such a wise idea though. The intimate venue meant that banter between the band and audience was strong and requests for songs were even taken on board near the end! I really wish more bands would consider playing gigs in unorthodox venues, it really does make the whole experience more memorable.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Image of the Day


Raquel Zimmermann for Vogue Paris.

An Ethereal Summer

These pictures from Danish Magazine 'Costume' are just too lovely. I'm currently sat in bed with some horrible bug and this editorial has cheered me right up! Although it does make me wish I was well enough to don a lace dress and head outside to enjoy the good weather. Perhaps I might pass the time away constructing my very own headband of flowers?

Perfect Day For A Picnic

If like me, you plan to spend every free moment soaking up the Summer rays in the park then Cath Kidston is the perfect place to head for those lazy day necessities.

Cath Kidston Ltd.

Cath Kidston has everything from ready made picnic hampers, to cool bags, paddling pools, blankets and even the cutest teepee (perfect for naps in the shade!). Plus there is now free postage & packaging on-line with all orders over £75 . Good stuff right?

Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Welcome Addition To My Life

I've yearned after it for so long and now that it's finally in my possession it has barely left my shoulder!


I went for the over-sized version and it fits all my worldly belongings in like a dream! I carry it around like a proud mother pushing it into the faces of bewildered strangers with a huge grin on my face. I've even so far taken it to the gym with me when any old tote bag would have sufficed. Who said money doesn't buy happiness??

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Swedish and Danish style has been peaking interest of late and there is now an abundance of Stockholm and Copenhagen street-style websites available at our fingertips. From what I have observed, the appeal of their style is the clever layering of simple pieces and the ability to flawlessly imitate catwalk looks.


Whilst I obviously adore the style of fellow Britons I feel that at the moment British street-style is too messy, almost as if there is some non-verbal wacky agreement to throw on as many different colours/fabrics/textures/pieces of clothing as possible (albeit this only rings true for certain scenes of individuals!). For this reason I am currently craving clean-cut lines and crisp shirts, something which Alexa Chung would happily adorn and yet something which I'm having a hard time trying to locate on the British high-street.

Whilst prowling the internet for Swedish inspiration one name that popped up again and again was Monki. Upon further on-line inspection I discovered that Monki was a very popular Swedish originated retail store, stocking what appeared to be my very own dream wardrobe! After glancing at the prices I was sure this was some kind of mirage brought on by my Swedish shopping fever, but after another look I can confirm that prices for these up-scale garments are very affordable (try a little bit cheaper than Topshop).


Unfortunately my buzz was killed by the news that Monki do not currently have any stores within the UK nor do they offer an on-line service. Luckily, after emailing one of their nice representatives, I can tell you that they will be opening an on-line store this Autumn so that us Monki obsessives in the UK can finally get our mitts on our own piece of Swedish style!

I'm Back!

I've been terrible over the past few months and have completely neglected my blog duties.....this was mainly due to hiding indoors trying to swot up for my University exams. Luckily all that is done with until September and I now have 5 glorious months of freedom ahead of me!

I've tried my best to keep up with fellow bloggers and I've enjoyed reading all the lovely comments that have been left for me :) You guys really do warm my cockles!

Seeing how I'm now back on the Blog radar, I have some magical plans up these fashionable sleeves of mine! Stay tuned for some fashion exclusives, street style/self-style images and a whole load of other stylish tid-bits!

For now I shall leave you with some great summer outfit inspiration in the form of my favourite looks from Daisy Lowe's fashion diary for Vogue: