Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Swedish and Danish style has been peaking interest of late and there is now an abundance of Stockholm and Copenhagen street-style websites available at our fingertips. From what I have observed, the appeal of their style is the clever layering of simple pieces and the ability to flawlessly imitate catwalk looks.


Whilst I obviously adore the style of fellow Britons I feel that at the moment British street-style is too messy, almost as if there is some non-verbal wacky agreement to throw on as many different colours/fabrics/textures/pieces of clothing as possible (albeit this only rings true for certain scenes of individuals!). For this reason I am currently craving clean-cut lines and crisp shirts, something which Alexa Chung would happily adorn and yet something which I'm having a hard time trying to locate on the British high-street.

Whilst prowling the internet for Swedish inspiration one name that popped up again and again was Monki. Upon further on-line inspection I discovered that Monki was a very popular Swedish originated retail store, stocking what appeared to be my very own dream wardrobe! After glancing at the prices I was sure this was some kind of mirage brought on by my Swedish shopping fever, but after another look I can confirm that prices for these up-scale garments are very affordable (try a little bit cheaper than Topshop).


Unfortunately my buzz was killed by the news that Monki do not currently have any stores within the UK nor do they offer an on-line service. Luckily, after emailing one of their nice representatives, I can tell you that they will be opening an on-line store this Autumn so that us Monki obsessives in the UK can finally get our mitts on our own piece of Swedish style!


  1. these pictures are AWESOME.

    please check out and follow my fashion blog please!

    I promise you will enjoy it ;)

  2. Thank you Sophie :)

    I am now an avid follower of your cuter than cute blog!

    Sue x

  3. That's great news, I'm always on carolinemode looking at the monki pieces