Monday, 18 October 2010

The Reinvention Game

So it's that dreaded time of year again, when summer is over and drones of us have to drag our heels back to University, School, College etc. etc. But for some people this month will be their first time at University and their first time living away from home. Naturally this means that they are due in for the unavoidable flatmate disagreements (almost always food related) and the horrific deadlines. Not to mention the nights they'd rather forget and the money woes. Of course, the big move away from home does have many upsides; the main one being the opportunity for REINVENTION! Now is the chance for you to meet hundreds of new people and be able to dress the way you've always wanted and to wow them with any style you like without any pre-judgements from existing friends. And best of all? Vice's UK Student Guide is here to help you with that. Here's a few inspirational choices:

Be an 'Anna':

'If your look is so nerdy that you don't even really exist outside of high school movies, it's just a matter of time before someone popular offers to She's All That you. Unfortunately, you'll have to eventually realise that you looked better before the makeover and will go back to your nerdy ways. But whatever, it's fun while it lasts.'

Be a 'Nell':

'The trick with the fashion-metal look is to never ever admit that it's ironic. If anyone asks, your favourite band growing up was Kreator or Angel Witch. It doesn't matter that you don't know what they sound like because no one else does either, so you'll never get caught.'

Be a 'Scarlett':

'Some of the most glamorous and orange girls have at one point considered themselves 'alternative' and tried to rid themselves of their laughably trashy aesthetic. They understandably, have a pretty warped impression of what does look trashy and tend to keep all of the worst aspects of their look. Look out for drag-queen make-up, paired with the T-shirt of a band that the wearer has never heard of.'

Any of these looks peak your interest? Head over to Vice Style for more options and for details about the clothing used in the shoots.

Images and Caption text via Vice Style.


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