Saturday, 8 January 2011

Spending Haul

The clutches of on-line shopping have grabbed me again and I've been rather naughty and deposited a large chunk of my wages with the one-stop fashion shop that is Nasty Gal. I decided to take the fiscal plunge and purchase the Sam Edelman boots I've been coveting for over a year, I'm planning to wear them with black skinnies or my leather skinny trousers and a grey marl tee. I also bought the Alexa dress (very similar to the one she wore on the cover of UK Elle?) which I think will look super cute with lace socks. I'm counting down the days to their arrival!


  1. Those boots are just... AMAZING!

    Love the dress too. I agree, it is incredibly similar to the one Alexa wore on the Elle cover. The lace detail is so pretty!

  2. Awh thanks! I hope they look as good on.

    I really really want the Pomeranian you have on your blog...if I was rich I would actually have 10 of them and let them run amok around the house ha. Sue x

  3. If you have been wanting the boots for that long then you definitely deserve them! Love the dress, so gorgeous and delicate.
    Also, I have given your blog an award!
    UO x

  4. Those boots are amazing! I haven't been on Nasty Gal in a while...
    I'm now following you; I love your blog :) x

  5. I like the dress! I really wanted the dress too but I already had a couple of similar dresses!