Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Miu Miu x Hailey Steinfeld


Images via Miu Miu

Bearing in mind that the average 14 year old is without the financial means to afford anything by Miu Miu (heck I'm 22 and I'm still struggling with high-street prices), it's difficult to understand the plausible reason behind Miu Miu choosing Hayley Steinfeld to represent a collection that is essentially targeted at grown women who can afford the £1000 plus price tag and might not be able to relate to the brand's new muse. But this is the world of fashion after all where anything goes, and Hayley Steinfeld does look exceptionally pretty in this beautifully shot campaign by Bruce Weber. I was blown away by Hayley's performance in True Grit (the campaign even seems loosely influenced by the film) and when making appearances at various award shows for the film I was impressed with her stylish ability to dress age appropriate without appearing too demure. The campaign overall has a very youthful and nostalgic feel to it and although at first I was sceptical at the choice of model I can honestly say I adore it, it might be my favourite Miu Miu campaign yet!

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