Thursday, 17 September 2009

Jameela Jamil

Oh how you are fast becoming one of my favourite style crushes! Her style is so approachable and effortless, and I'm always surprised to find that half of the clothes she wears are nabbed from the high street (she even wore a Primark belt teamed with a Topshop dress to the Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop preview!). I think she could authenticate her style a bit more by adding a few vintage pieces here and there though.

Although a T4 replacement for Alexa Chung, she's not quite replaced the Alexa Chung shaped hole in my heart.

Anyone catch the four piece spread on Alexa's style in Grazia this week? Was really interesting to see just how much her style has developed since running off to New York!


  1. Such an amazing girl with great style. Jameela Jamil is girlcrush of the day.

  2. Just did a post on her too! She is so beautiful + amazing style! Mad Girl Crush!!!