Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Since re-opening my vintage store I feel like I spend an awful lot of time on eBay of late. So I thought I'd post a list of some my favourite eBayers, I know how tedious it can be trawling through the mountains of sellers so here's some handy links!


My numero uno, Maki Maki. The model/owner is an absolute beauty with the the kind of legs I'd kill for! Lovelovelove her ink as well. Most pieces go for around £70, the more original pieces have been known to go for upwards of £300 though.


Nice classic pieces (more often than not from Topshop) at a fairly cheap price. The only qualms I have is that the pictures aren't always of a great quality. Love the model's hair though.


Great styling, photography and models. There's always the odd item which slightly errs on the dodgy side but overall a good seller. They seem to specialise in avant garde pieces. Only downside is the P&P as they're based in America. Plus any item item over £40 will accrue tax charges on top of this which you'll have to pay before you can pick the item up from the parcel depot. I learnt this the hard way!


Very similar to the previous seller, although these pieces tend to be a tad pricier. Lullie Vintage does attempt to keep their pieces in line with seasonal trends though, and all the pieces are very individual. Even if your purse strings can't afford it, their stuff is great to look at purely for inspiration!

That's plenty of fashion juices for your eyeballs to savour over for one evening, there's plenty more eBay hot picks around but I'm too lazy to add them for now. Look out for the rest in my post tomorrow!