Saturday, 13 March 2010

Can Clogs Be Chic?

So according to the likes of Chanel and Louis Vuitton we are all going to be sporting a clog or two this Spring. As much as I love (actually more like worship) the creative genius of Karl Lagerfeld I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical about this. The sight of these clogs automatically flashed my mind back to badly dressed hippy mums waiting at the school gates, further convincing me that there is no flattering way to wear these shoes. However after seeing Alexa Chung and MK Olsen sporting a pair I'm beginning to see how the clog can be wearable and chic off the catwalk. In fact, I'm actually starting to want a pair to team with pretty floral dresses and grey marl tights!

The high street has been quick to adapt to this trend, but Kurt Geiger has produced my personal favourites so far. Wearable and high quality but without the Chanel price tag!

Kurt Geiger: (click on image to go to store)

And according to Topshop's blog these beauties will be coming into store very soon!


  1. I know what you mean about clogs - but i think they're growing on me.
    I'm loving alex chungs chanel ones. She looks greatt :)
    Panda xx

  2. I absolutely love them, but if only the Kurt Geiger ones were 2 or 3 inches higher they would be parfait! x

  3. Alexa Chung looking great in them is what has convinced me to buy a pair :)

    The open back is something that I'm worried about though, I'm clumsy enough as it is in flats! Might have to pop down to Kurt Geiger and see how they are to walk in. xx

  4. I guess if you see something enough times you can learn to like it. I tried to not like these, because my first impression was like yours- hippie moms. But now, I have given in. I'm going to buy some when I find the right pair. Sigh. Can't help myself!

  5. Yeah I definitely tried my best not to like them and I actually feel a bit depleted now that I've given in! I wish I could be a fashion leader and not a follower but I'm just so easily persuadable when it comes to shopping! xx

  6. i am not really convinced yet...mhmm...but the last ones are not so bad..

  7. I have a feeling that there will be quite a few people who aren't convinced about clogs! It's definitely a split trend, by that I mean something that people will either love or hate. I like the fact that everyone has a strong opinion over them though :) xx