Monday, 18 May 2009

The Great Escape (take 1)

As I mentioned before, I took off for Brighton last Wednesday for The Great Escape Festival, I only came back yesterday and I'm cream crackered. I think there was something like 500 bands playing in total? But it was so badly organised that I only got to see around 5 in the end.

Brighton was a complete hot fest' though, 9 out of 10 people there were ridiculously good looking and ridiculously well dressed. The atmosphere is amazing as well, people are just sat all over the streets smoking/chatting/drinking coffee. There was hundreds, no thousands, of cafes so the streets were lined with tables and chairs. Was a bit of a bummer when it rained for 3 out of the 4 days but it didn't stop me from having fun!

Thursday: Managed to see Pulled Apart By Horses, The Hundred In The Hands and The Maccabees

My sister took the 2 pictures below of Pulled Apart By Horses, the talented little thing she is...

Friday: Saw The Chapman Family, Chairlift and The Teenagers

My horridly awful phone snaps of The Teenagers (who ironically enough are actually 27)

Saturday: Was able to witness Patrick Wolf at his finest! Also saw Marina and the Diamonds.

Paddy Wolf looked incredible, my shitty phone pictures don't really do him justice but he was pretty much wearing this exact outfit...just with lots of added glitter and S&M gear thrown in!

I'm off to make a brewski so I'll post more pictures when my laptop decides to behave itself!

pee.ess. how hot is the lead singer of Marina and the Diamonds? I'm not even that way inclined, but everyone at the gig (girls included) was drooling over her little sequin leotard number. Her style is worship worthy!

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