Friday, 22 May 2009

The Great Escape (take 2)

Approximately a week late (hardly surprising for me), here are the rest of the photos from Brighton...I say Brighton, but I actually mean me. My sister's SLR is soooo heavy and because we couldn't be bothered to lug it around with us on our shopping trips we just took pictures of ourselves in the hotel room. Not vain at all....

(The room after a whole 10 minutes of arriving, mess just seems to grow around me!)

(I impulsively had my nose pierced after only a couple of hours in Brighton, I'm still not so sure about it...)

(My sister with my sunglasses, which she proceeded to wear for the entire time we were there)

(Annoying Amy with my happy snapping whilst she was on the phone)

(I treat my clothes respectfully as you can tell from the heaping pile of them on the floor! Wearing: Feather Headband - Urban Outfitters/Black Gladiator Heels - New Look/T-Shirt reworked into a dress - Vintage/Black & Gold Studded Jacket - Topshop)

(The only outdoor photo I took!)

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