Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Skin On Skin

Up until the age of 17 my skin was flawless, I didn't even have to wear concealer/foundation (a world away from the 4 inches I now slap on every morning). But from the moment I arrived at Uni my skin began to take on a form of its own, it was almost as if all my bad habits had erupted on my face in zit form. I took every kind of antibiotic/cream from my Doctor, I spent ridiculous amounts on skin treatments and expensive face creams but no avail. I was exasperated and thought that I'd have to spend the rest of my life in hiding avec paper bag over my head. Well step forward Dermalogica:

This is the stuff of miracles, the holy grail of skin cleansing. After 2 weeks my skin was glowing! I'd tried the Clinique 3 step routine before this but it just really irritated my skin, not dissing but it really wasn't for me. The Dermologica stuff is so gentle that you're not even sure if it will work, but it really did the trick.

Anywhoo they have these starter kits (pictured) which are about £20 a pop and are a great way for you to test their range without forking out the hundreds for the whole lot. The kits last roughly around 4 weeks which is pretty decent.
http://www.beautyflash.co.uk is probably the cheapest place to go for all things Dermy.

I've fully been converted to the way of Dermologica (I swear I wasn't paid to write this btw, I'm just scarily in love with the stuff).


  1. ooh this sounds good! i started the clinqiue 3 step about 6 weeks ago and my skin really has improved.. i was doing some scary little mad skin tips that cleared it up like using bicarb mixed in with foaming cleanser n stuff but that dermalogica stuff sounds good! xx

  2. wow you actually made me want to try this! loving your blog. Come check out mine if you get a chance! hope to see you around.
    xx belle