Monday, 15 June 2009

Aint Nothin' But A Ring Thang

These blog titles are getting weirder and weirder.....

Anywhoo, I bought this vintage ring from eBay last night.


Not bad for a fiver?

And is it wrong for me to want this mustard yellow, quilted Barbour jacket? I know it looks like something right out of Emmerdale but I saw a girl in Brighton wearing one (a dead ringer for Agyness Deyn, just with black hair) and she'd paired it with sky high heels and her teeny tiny twig legs were dressed in those black wet look AA leggings. She looked amazing.


Definitely too early to be contemplating jacket purchases anyway I guess.

That is not my hand by the way...


  1. No, not wrong at all to wear a mustard Barbour, long as you're being ironic.
    Hope you don't mind but I credited you* with stealing your post about Mary Benson. Wish she sold in London!

    Great blog name by the way. I'm stuck with such a dull one (for now). I've put your link up, it's a great blog.

  2. that is one pretty ring.
    also, your entries are interesting :}

  3. hi jill, awh no worries...pleased you even thought my post was worth stealing! i've lived in leeds for the past 2 years (originally from liverpool though) and pretty much all my student loan would be spent at blue rinse! they're selling a few bits and pieces in topshop and urban outfitters now though so you might be able to snag a mary benson from there?? i love your blog by the way, it looks so professional :)

    and thanks for following abby :)

    x x x