Thursday, 4 June 2009

Bubble Trouble

I adore Susie Bubble and that wonderful blog of hers!

So I was very much disheartened when I read the following article:
'Hogg Roasted'

For a woman who has 10,000 people reading her blog everyday, I think this was a very very foolish move on behalf of Hogg & co. Read it and form your own opinion....


  1. Awww, oh my, thank you! ^-^ That's probably the best comment i've gotten this week. OR month. and so far on your blog... (yes, i go very far, that why you'll notice comments on early posts) it's really really nice. So thank a lot for the lovely comment hun!

  2. Definitely a bad decision.
    I think they under estimate bloggers.

    It gives me a really negative view of Hogg & Co.
    It's awful.


  3. I think it just proves how out of touch they really are, she's probably one of the most influential people in the fashion blogging world, which itself is becoming more & more powerful & her PR just wasn't up to date enough to know that.

    You just hope the repercussions effect them in some bigger way.