Thursday, 11 June 2009

Mary Benson

Featured last year on Mary's Queen of Shops (BBC 2), this 19 year old fashion student from Leeds already has her collection stocked in over 4 stores in various parts of the country.

I've already bought a few of her dresses from Blue Rinse in Leeds and I always get hundreds of compliments my way whenever I wear one of her designs. Her pieces are pretty pricey if you buy them from her website (80 quid a pop!), but if you live near any of the stockists of her collection they usually sell them at a major discount.

Some of her Fall 08 line:

Some sneak peeks of her Summer collection:

You can purchase her stuff on-line from her website

And feel free to check out more of her stuff on:
Her facebook
Her myspace
Her on-line portfolio

(All images co. of Mary

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  1. Love the look of her stuff - can't believe she's so young!
    This is the 2nd time I've seen someone mention the shop Blue Rinse in 24 hours. Weird. Are you in Leeds? Just discovered your blog - it's great. If you have a minute please check out mine - let me know if you want to do a link swap. thanks.

    jill @ streetstylelondon: pics by polka dot